Summer Debating Madness

Summer Debating Madness is an online debate acting as a platform for individuals of all age groups to discuss, deliberate and debate upon multiple issues that plague the world today.

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The Bait '20

The Bait is an event that
upholds the true spirit of intellectual debates, which gives budding debaters a chance to break out of their shell and become leaders who think beyond the barriers that restrict free thought and expression.

Registrations are closed at the moment

About Us

The Debate Club, Chennai is an organization founded in 2010, whose main motive is to promote radical thinking and intellectualism. It is a student-run initiative aimed at cultivating the mind to challenge every issue that may arise, in order to create unbiased thinkers in our nation. The Debate Club Chennai celebrates the freedom of speech and provides a stage for school students to innovate, instigate and kindle pristine ideas, and to take part in debates, each debate providing opportunities to learn more. It was founded eleven years ago by a few adroit students from Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram, with an avant-garde idea, to revive the dying culture of debating in our country with a novel competition, known as The Bait. With the success of the event, year after year came about the fabrication of two complementary events, The Changemakers' Conference was a competition that empowers students with ideas that can bring about a massive change in our society, and the Summer Debating Madness, an international online debating contest which is open to all ages, providing participants a taste of virtual debating.

"Bhavan's Campus", No. 6, Kilpauk Gardern Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010, India

Contact us :

Kriti Sethiya Jain: +91 9791062205
Mohammad Ghouse : +91 9003204876

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