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Ansull Lakhotia

My first experience with the Debate Club was back in 2015 when I was a part of my school debate team that finished runners up at ‘The Bait, 2015’. Though that was sadly the only edition of Bait I got to participate in, I yet have made it a point to keep track of the activities of the Debate Club over the last 3 years and partake in them in whatever capacity whenever possible because of the great experience I had back there in 2015. With some really intriguing motions and qualified professionals judging, ‘Bait 2015’ set the standard for school debating tournaments quite high. The cherry in that edition for me was to be able to grab the Best Speaker for the tournament, which till date is one of my prized awards in the field of debating because that was one really competitive tournament and winning there gave a satisfaction like none other. Over the years ‘The Debate Club’ has taken various steps to expand and reach out to more enthusiastic debaters through ventures such as the ‘Summer Debating Madness’ which is really commendable. The SDM provides quite the right platform to start the debating season for the budding debaters right in the middle of their summer vacations itself and gives them a platform to learn something new while enjoying their holidays. Having seen ‘The Debate Club’ grow over the last 3 years and organise some great events one after another, and with the team at the helm this year, I am sure they are going to set the bar even higher this year and I would like to wish them the best for their endeavours.

This year, I managed to participate in the summer debating madness competition from across Hungary, Austria, and Greece. I think the beauty of this format, is the ease of participation for people from across age groups, and locations. The motions this year were well thought of and balanced, covering subject areas of economics, law, and morality. I'd like to thank the organizing committee for being accommodative of our schedules, and for conducting the debates in an efficient manner. SDM is a great way to keep in touch with debate, over the summer and to make your summer more fulfilling. Thank you for the opportunity!

Vanshika Bagdy

 The winner of SDM 2018

It was very exciting to participate in the Summer Debating Madness this year, one of few debates without age restrictions. The format was perfect and challenging. The motions were interesting and the team that sent them out was very thorough. Special thanks to the organizing team for managing the event professionally and for being approachable. SDM 2018 was easy to attend and overall, an enriching experience.

Kunal Davey

Runner-up of SDM 2018

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