Summer Debating Madness 

Summer Debating Madness is an international online debating contest which is open to all age groups and provides participants a taste of virtual debating.

How It Works

Participants can be of any age to participate 

Participants should register on or before 1st May 2019

Participants will be given a topic and a stance 

8 Selected participants will be notified and online debate commences 

By 15th May all participants will be informed about their nominations 

Participants are required to write their stance and submit them by 7th May 2019

The Online debating  between

20th and 30th May 2019

"Bhavan's Campus", No. 6, Kilpauk Gardern Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010, India

Contact us :

Ananya Sen : +91 98410 24734
Sachin Kishan : +91 63826 94465

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